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General gameplay characteristics

Players are hoping to keep the total cost of card 21 or move closer to the same, not the dealer who has all the bets placed on. To do this, aces count as 1 or 11, face cards – as 10, and the rest – as their indices. The hand of 21 on the first two cards (ace and 10 or hand) is known as natural or blackjack. Costumes don’t matter. In most games, the player who is dealt two cards of the same rank can split them, take a second card for each, and play two hands independently. Another general rule is to “double” the total of 11 (in some cases 11 or 10) on two cards – the player doubles the bet, returns the card and is dealt another. In some games, the player wins five additional cards with no “exit” (more than 21).

The casino rules at US casinos are different

In a casino game, each player places a bet, and the dealer then deals each player two cards (either down or both face down, or one down and one up, depending on the casino) and two cards from the dealer’s hand. until the last card is returned. In turn, players must deal more cards at once until they survive. Everyone wins immediately if the dealer does not show an ace or 10. If all players are dealt, the dealer wins with no further play. Otherwise, the dealer’s stake is disclosed, and if the dealer does not have a natural payout, the player’s payout will be 1.5 times the stake; The dealer wins all bets, except for the draw or “push” when someone else has a winning combination. If there are 16 points or less, the dealer deals the cards immediately until he has 17 or more points. The failing dealer loses; Otherwise, the dealer pays whoever shows the higher number (without a break) and becomes push to the players with the correct amount. All cards are collected and removed from the game for the next hand.

As a casino game, blackjack offers players considerable opportunities to win the championship, and obsessive players have been so successful in battles in the casino’s periphery thanks to their time-consuming card counting system that many have been banned from playing at major casinos. Since a large proportion of the high cards remaining in the deck will increase the player’s chances against the casino, card counting largely involves making small bets until you have a good ratio and then a big bet to make.